Continued legislative bills submitted in Florida and West Virginia pose the biggest concern
for racing Greyhound retirement in large numbers.



Our mission is to work with adoption groups throughout the nation
to achieve a collective effort - an effort to prepare for potential legislation
that will cause the retirement of large numbers of racing Greyhounds.

We remain neutral toward any legislation.

Our only concern is for the Greyhounds
needing adoption in the future.









The Greyhound Adoption Action Alliance is in the planning stages to make preparations for the possibility that future legislation will impact Greyhounds. This legislation could render large numbers of Greyhounds needing to be transitioned off racetracks and farms, should several tracks discontinue racing. The Greyhound Adoption Action Alliance leaders are composed of 11 very experienced, independent members with over 200 years combined active adoption experience, who have transitioned more than 29,000 Greyhounds into homes. Our group plans to contact most of the Greyhound adoption groups nationally about how we can all work together to deal with Greyhounds who become available for adoption in the future.

In 2016 both Florida (FL) and West Virginia (WV) legislators came close to approving legislation involving Greyhound racing. If those bills were to have been approved, it could have meant the retirement of Greyhounds in the thousands. In both states, legislators are determined to end subsidies to Greyhound racing. They want to retrieve these funds to boost general funds in their state. “Decoupling” is the elimination of laws that mandate tracks to continue live racing in order to operate poker rooms. Future decoupling and defunding bills appear imminent in 2017 and can be the driving force by these states that may significantly eliminate or reduce racing at tracks in Florida and WV. Some Florida tracks are also lobbying to “decouple” the live racing mandate in order to operate their poker rooms while cutting their losses during live racing.

It is evident that there will be future legislation and that is why we feel our project is needed to ensure as many retired Greyhounds as possible will find homes.

The Greyhound Adoption Action Alliance’s only agenda is for the Greyhounds needing homes and will remain neutral to pro or anti Greyhound factions.

To us “It’s all about the Greyhounds”.

In 2017 both Florida and West Virgina will start their legislative session in January and end sometime in March. Any bill approved by the legislature would become law on July 1, 2017. We are not saying it will happen in 2017. It is commonly felt it will happen sometime in the future.

We completely understand that most adoption groups operate at their maximum, but with the looming need we are asking everyone to “think outside the box” on ways and means of accommodating some of the Greyhounds that will need homes pending law changes in Florida and WV.

We ask that you inform your membership as well as the local community of the possible need. We intend to keep all interested groups updated about legislative events.

Your Adoption Group's Fundraising will be important and that is one of the reasons we wanted to start early with planning. When and if things look imminent, your group can check with local boarding kennels to see if they can help; start a dialog with local vets about reduced costs to spay/neuter on a one time basis; contact local dog food stores about assistance and consider “go fund me” posts for financial support to transport, spay/neuter, and house Greyhounds.

Our plan has a 3 stage implementation:

  1. First stage - once legislative sessions start, inform everyone of the potential legislation that would involve large numbers of Greyhounds looking for homes.
  2. Second stage - advise everyone about legislative session progression with regular updates.
  3. Third stage - will be a “call to action” for all adoption groups should legislation pass. It would be about 90 days from the time the bill was passed until it would become law.

If you would like to join us preparing for the future, please let us know and you will be added to our update list.

We would also like to know about any plans your group is making so we can assess the ability nationally to move Greyhounds out of tracks no longer racing Greyhounds. Please feel free to share your ideas to help as well.

It should be noted that if West Virginia tracks discontinue racing, most of those Greyhounds would continue to race. West Virginia Greyhounds would be sent to other tracks, most likely in Florida. Least qualified Greyhounds in Florida kennels would then be displaced and in need of adoption.

It is thought that decoupling in Florida will not close most of the 12 tracks operating now.


We thank you for your group’s work to adopt Greyhounds!


The Alliance Committee Members include:


Dennis Tyler

Melbourne, FL


John McQuade, JD
Dallas, TX


Alane Shultz

Springfield, Missouri


Kyle Catanzarite

Pittsburg, PA


Ethel Whitehurst

Baltimore area, MD


Dana Nutter

Charleston, South Carolina


Michael McCann

New Hampshire


Nanette McClary

Rochester, NY


Toni Duchi

State College, PA


Dawn Pieratt

Avon, CT


Julie Dzielawa

Dublin, OH